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Automatic flush filter


Automatic flush filter

1、Function and use

Automatic flush filter is applicable for industrial wastewater treatment process, slag washing water of the iron and steel plant, power plant process and cooling water, papermaking process and feed water, chemical production process and the irrigation system and other situations, which is used to filter the various hard particle of 3500~50 micron particle size in the water, to ensure safe and reliable operation of the system.

2、Construction and working principle

High strength stainless steel wedge network is used for the automatic cleaning filter, has a large capacity, long service life, high washing efficiency and other characteristics. Intelligent differential pressure control, timing control automatic cleaning filter are used for this machine. When the differential pressure between entry and exit of the filter reaches the set value or the timer reaches the set time, Electric control box sends the signal to drive motor rotation, at the same time, the drain valve is open. The motor drives suction tube or cleaning brush shaft as the round trip movement, at the same time, drives the suction nozzle or cleaning brush to clean the precision filter screen, the impurity and particles absorbed on the filter screen are discharged with the flow from the drain valve. And when the differential pressure between entry and exit of the filter recovers normality or after the timer setting time is ended, the electrical machine stops the rotation, the electric discharge valve is closed. In the whole process, the material continues flowing, to realize the continuous and automatic production

3、Application area

1.Treatment of cooling water, - cooling tower, supplementary water system, air conditioning system, DC system water filtration reduces the sediment generated by heat exchangers, to keep its cooling effect

2.Raw water treatment ---- It can filter the surface river water, lake water and sea water, reservoir water, well water and groundwater, remove the sand, algae and organic matter

3.Industrial circulate water filter – used on the equipment which have certain requirements for water quality such as: cooling tower, rolling mill, continuous casting machine, polishing, water pump, solenoid valve, ion exchanger, sprayer, heat exchanger, and etc., or water supply and drainage pipe. It can filter out the impurity in water; avoid blocking of the pipeline, nozzle and etc.

4.Irrigation - Especially applicable for the water source of high flow capacity, high content of impurities, agricultural irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, park, golf courses, turf watered

5.Industrial wastewater, sewage filtering

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