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Product Detail

High efficient waste water separator


1、Instructions of separator 

High efficient waste water separator is the new device of the high technology lately researched and development by our company (patent no. 201410235094.0; ZL201420283330.1), it features: less land (saved land), light weight, low cost, simple operation.

Function: remove most of the organic matter, suspended solids and chromaticity. COD removal rate ≥70%, suspended solids≥Remove 90%,  color remove ≥90%. It can deeply process the wastewater to finally reach standard discharge or reuse.

2.Application area:

1.High concentrated enterprise wastewater 

2.Food factory, beverage factory, fruit processing plant

3.Animal husbandry, slaughter wastewater

4.Dyeing and finishing plant, leather factory, pulp mill wastewater

5.Waste yard penetrating fluid

6.Chemical, pharmaceutical and other high concentration organic wastewater

7.Old sewage plant transformation

8.Small water purification field

9.Municipal domestic wastewater 

10.Car washing factory, bath center waste water

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