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The former company of Huzhou New Longtan environmental technology Co., Ltd. was Huzhou Donglin Longtan Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd (founded in 1999). The new company is located in Jiangnan Watertown of China Yangtze River delta - Huzhou Donglin town industrial area. Donglin town has been reputed to be the hometown of silk, an abundant place; close to 104 national roads, Hangzhou- Ningbo expressway, Hangzhou- Ningbo high-speed rail, next to it, there are Shanghai-Jiaxing-Huzhou expressway, Shanghai-Suzhou- Zhengjaing- Huizhou expressway, 318 national highway and Xuanzhou- Hangzhou railway...


Engineering field

  • Electronics industry

    Electronics industry

    Single or polycrystalline silicon, electron tubes, picture tubes, liquid crystal displays, semiconductors, conductive glass, integrated circuit boards, computer components, capacitors, optical communi

  • Pharmaceutical industry

    Pharmaceutical industry

    Aseptic and non heat source pure water production and biological medicine accord with GMP water, biological, material concentration, separation, desalination, purification and so on.

  • Food and beverage

    Food and beverage

    Purified water, mineral water, natural water purification, mineralized water, beer, liquor, various drinks, dairy products water.

  • Industrial manufacturing

    Industrial manufacturing

    Plating, coating, coating, painting, printing paste, coating, glass fiber reinforced plastics, fine processing, cleaning, textile, printing and dyeing, softening water.


Huzhou Xin Longtan water purification equipment Co.,Ltd
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ADD:Dong Lin Industrial Zone,huzhou city, zhejiang province
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