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Product Detail

Air flotation precipitation all-in-one machine


This equipment is the latest researched and developed product by introduction of the foreign technology.

Characteristics of air flotation precipitation all-in-one machine

1、Investment saving, low energy consumption, automatic de-slagging, no noise, convenience of operation and management.

2、It can mainly remove the most part of insoluble COD and can upper float SS (the specific gravity is less than water proportion) and can down float SS (the specific gravity is greater than the proportion of water).

3、Compared to the domestic traditional pressurized dissolved air type air floating system, it can save the dissolved air vessel, air compressor, high pressure equipment and other equipment, and the energy consumption is 1/8~1/10 of the conventional air float

4、The system is able to remove the grease, jelly and fiber suspended solids in the wastewater, reduce the pollution load such as BOD, COD, SS, at the same time, can obviously improve the color of the water quality.

5、The system is mainly used in papermaking, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, leather, food, brewing, pharmaceutical, slaughtering industry industrial sewage purification treatment.

Range of application

It is widely used in mechanical, chemical, textile, transportation, food and other industries, especially applicable for oil field drilling sewage, oil field water injection, and oil refinery wastewater treatment.

The physical and chemical method is mainly used for the main treatment process of this machine. This machine is mainly made by the chemical method, air flotation and filtration adsorption traditional mature technology through the organic combination design. It has simple and reasonable process, wide adaptability, compact structure, transportation, easy installation, simple operation, stable and reliable performance characteristics. And it has excellent effect to remove the oil-water separation, suspended solids, COD, BOD. The general waste water can meet emissions standards after treatment.

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