About us

About us

The former company of Huzhou New Longtan environmental technology Co., Ltd. was Huzhou Donglin Longtan Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd (founded in 1999). The new company is located in Jiangnan Watertown of China Yangtze River delta - Huzhou Donglin town industrial area. Donglin town has been reputed to be the hometown of silk, an abundant place; close to 104 national roads, Hangzhou- Ningbo expressway, Hangzhou- Ningbo high-speed rail, next to it, there are Shanghai-Jiaxing-Huzhou expressway, Shanghai-Suzhou- Zhengjaing- Huizhou expressway, 318 national highway and Xuanzhou- Hangzhou railway. It takes about half hour from it to Hangzhou by driving and takes about one to two hours to Shanghai, Nanjing and other cities by driving, the Transportation is very convenient 

The company is mainly engaged in wastewater, sewage, reuse of reclaimed water and other environmental protection project design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and training services; and the technology research and equipment manufacturing of Water treatment, membrane separation, and environmental protection products. The company has long-term cooperation with universities in scientific research, used their advanced technology and manufacturing to make the whole machine and engineering quality to achieve national and international levels; The products of the company have been exported to Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and other regions.

The manufactured equipment of the company have efficient high-speed separator, sewage treatment equipment, air flotation precipitation equipment, MBR, integrated water purifier, mechanical filter, activated carbon absorber, softener, precision (micro-pore) filter, self-cleaning filter, ultrafiltration device, reverse osmosis device, Nano-filtration device, electrodialyzer, Yang Yin mixed ion exchanger, EDI (electric desalination) device, ozone generator, UV electrodialyzer sterilizer and other processing equipment.

Scope of business: Waste water of various industries, waste water, sanitary sewage, reuse of reclaimed water, and other environmental protection equipment and single and total package engineering; soft water, pure water, ultrapure water production equipment and engineering of Various industries; drinking water, direct drinking water equipment of living community, hotel, school, enterprises and institutions; Packaged water, beverage, food packing, brackish water and seawater desalination equipment and engineering; concentration, Separation, desalination and purification and other processing of various organisms and material

With high-tech, high-quality, heavy reputation, the company provides the complete set of advanced high quality environmental protection water treatment equipment, separation membrane equipment, processing waste water, sewage, reclaimed water clean water, soft water, pure water, domestic drinking water and other projects, is professional environmental protection company integrating technical consulting, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, training professional environmental protection, and the company provides you with quality services for life.


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