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Integrated sewage treatment instrument



Combined integration buried sewage treatment device is a highly efficient sewage purification treatment equipment based on biological contact oxidation process. It can embed into the ground, save the ground construction government planning approval, design construction, heat presentation and other complex links. At the same time, it has good water quality, stable running, convenient management, low noise characteristics.

Combined underground wastewater treatment equipment has a broad range of application. It is applicable for of sewage treatment of the hotel, restaurant, hospital, residential area, the new rural reconstruction, office building, shopping mall, nursing homes, school and other places, at the same time. It applies to the processing of food, paper making, brewing, slaughtering, and other organic wastewater.

2、Features of the machine

Combined integration underground wastewater treatment equipment has the following features:

1.It can be embedded into the underground

2.Produced less sludge

3.No impact on the surrounding environment

4.Full automatic control and it does need personnel management

5.Simple operation, easy maintenance

6.Original technology, good effect

7.Long service life

The equipment specification of the combined integration underground wastewater is from 0.5m3 to 30 m3 and etc. The carbon steel plate is used for the box, and the epoxy asphalt anticorrosive are used for inside and outside, and the General Service life can reach more than 15 years

3、Description of the equipment process

The design of the combined integration buried sewage treatment equipment is mainly for the domestic sewage and similar industrial organic wastewater treatment. The main processing method is to use the current mature biochemical treatment technology: contact oxidation method. This device total has five parts: 1. hydrolysis acidification pool 2. Contact oxidation pool, 4. Sludge aerobic digestion pool, 5.clear water (disinfection).

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