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Purity-water equipment


1, system flow configuration:
The source of the water tank, pump source to fine sand filter, active carbon filter, fine filter, high pressure pump and a reverse osmosis device, an ozone generator, pure water tank, filling machine
2, brief description:
1 the raw water is stored in the original water tank and is pressurized by a booster pump to enter the fine sand filter to remove particles of water, impurities, and other substances that form precipitation.
2 fine sand filter effluent into the activated carbon filter, activated carbon and chlorine in the water adsorption ability, can remove the residual chlorine in water and organic matter. The filter is generally used as a source of surface water and municipal tap water as raw water.
3 activated carbon adsorber effluent filtration by high-pressure booster pump into the reverse osmosis device. To set the filter to prevent pre fine sand filter or activated carbon adsorber and non normal operation (such as recoil after filter layer has not yet formed or other man-made conditions) for final review, in order to protect the stable operation of reverse osmosis device.
4 reverse osmosis (RO) is about 5-10A of the pore, the principle is the pressure as the driving force, the film only through the water and not through solute through sexual selection, so that the water hardness ions and inorganic salt, organic matter, bacteria and virus removal rate is more than 99 or more, has the advantages of simple operation, low energy consumption, no pollution etc.. After the treatment of reverse osmosis, the effluent can meet the requirements of pure water.
5 reverse osmosis device produced by ozone sterilization after directly stored in the pure water tank or water terminal.

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