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Intermediate water reuse equipment, membrane separation equipment


MBR bioreactor
Membrane bioreactor Membrane Bio-Reaction (MBR) is a new technology that combines membrane separation technology with biochemical reaction in wastewater treatment. It is also called membrane separation activated sludge process.
The membrane bioreactor (MBR) membrane with mud containing sewage on biochemical reaction tank for filtration, sewage separation, on the one hand, a film left in the reaction tank of microorganisms, the sludge concentration in the pool increases greatly, the biochemical degradation of sewage water more quickly and thoroughly, on the other hand, because of high filtration precision membrane, water clear and transparent, high quality water.
First, the characteristics of MBR process
Compared with many traditional biological water treatment processes, MBR has the following main characteristics:
1. High quality and stable effluent quality
Due to the high efficiency of separation membrane, the separation effect is much better than the traditional sedimentation tank, the effluent is clear, suspended solids and turbidity are close to zero, bacteria and viruses are significantly better than the Ministry of Construction issued by the removal of water quality miscellaneous domestic water quality standard (CJ25.1-89), can be directly used as municipal water for non potable reuse.
At the same time, also make the microbial membrane separation was completely intercepted in a bioreactor, the system can maintain higher microbial concentrations, not only improves the overall reaction device of pollutants removal efficiency, ensure the quality of the effluent, and the reactor to the influent load (quality and quantity) of the various changes have very good adaptability, resistance to impact load, can obtain stable effluent quality.
2, the excess sludge production is low
The process can be carried out under the condition of high volume load and low sludge load. The excess sludge yield is low (theoretically, zero sludge discharge can be realized), and the sludge treatment cost is reduced.
3, small footprint, without setting restrictions
Within the bioreactor to maintain high biomass concentration, high volume load processing equipment, covers an area of large savings; the process is simple and compact structure, small occupied area, no place restrictions, suitable for any occasion, can be made into the ground type, semi underground and underground.
4, can remove ammonia nitrogen and difficult to degrade organic matter
As the microorganisms are completely stopped in the bioreactor, it is beneficial to slow growth of microorganisms such as nitrifying bacteria, and the nitrification efficiency of the system is improved. At the same time, it can increase the hydraulic retention time of some refractory organic compounds in the system, which is beneficial to improve the degradation efficiency of refractory organic compounds.
5, convenient operation and management, easy to realize automatic control
The process of implementation of the hydraulic retention time (HRT) and sludge retention time (SRT) of the complete separation, operation control more flexible and stable, is a new technology of sewage treatment equipment is easy to realize, can realize microcomputer automatic control, making the operation more convenient management.
6, easy to transform from the traditional process
This process can be used as the traditional wastewater treatment process in advanced treatment unit in the city, two sewage treatment plant effluent treatment (so as to realize the city a great deal of sewage reuse) and other fields have broad application prospects.

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