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Integrated water purifier


Integrated water purifier is integrating mixed reaction, coagulation sedimentation, filtration effluent, which automatically completes of self-special device combining with electric control in the chemical feeding, water distribution, spoil disposal, recoil, pollution discharge, and operation and other programs. Due to the automation is used in the working process, there is no need of the personnel operation, so to avoid the unstable water qualify caused by the artificial operation, to make the treated water quality excellent stability. This water purifier series is especially applicable for the water purification treatment of the industrial and mining enterprises and the purification treatment equipment of the medium and small waterworks of the villages and small towns.

Main technical parameters of performance

.Applicable to raw water turbidity: ≤3000mg/L, applicable raw water temperature: Normal temperature

.Water purification effluent water turbidity: ≤NTU 

 Sediment area design surface loading: 7~8m3/h.m2

.Filtering area design filtering velocity:8~10m/h     

 Filter washing strength: 14~17L/S.M2

.Wash time: t=4~6min (adjustable)

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