Product Detail

Pure water equipment


1. Scope of application:
Cleaning production of electrolytic capacitors, aluminum foil and a work piece, tube production, electronic tube cathode coated with carbonate with liquid ingredients, production with water tube and a cathode ray tube, fluorescent screen production, glass cleaning, washing, precipitation, wet film, pure water pipe neck cleaning black-and-white kinescope, liquid crystal display, production the screen surface cleaning with pure water and pure water with liquid, the production of transistor is mainly used for cleaning the wafer, and a small amount of liquid medicine preparing for the production of integrated circuits in high pure water cleaning silicon; purified water, cosmetics, water, high pure water for electronic industry, cleaning and ingredients, electroplating solar silicon wafer cleaning, cleaning, printing paste battery water ingredients.
2, up to standard
Purified water standard, injection water standard, national electronic grade pure water standard, American SEMI standard, pure water for kinescope and liquid crystal display, pure water for integrated circuit water quality.
3, equipment features
To meet the requirements of users, to meet the standards of water quality, as much as possible to reduce pollution at all levels, extend the service life of equipment and reduce staff maintenance workload. In the process of design, the tap water up to the national standard for water source, design reasonable pretreatment system, RO reverse osmosis system, mixed bed ion exchange (or EDI electric desalting system) system. The system is equipped with water tank level control system, water pump with pressure protection device, online water quality monitoring instrument and electrical control using PLC programmable controller, truly unattended, at the same time in the process of selection and customer requirements using the recommended method of unity, so that the equipment compared with other similar products, has a higher price and the reliability of the equipment.

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